January Knights 2011 (Monthly Tournament)

January 28th, 29th, and 30th (Friady, Saturday & Sunday) 2011

Entry fees:
CFC Members only: $30
If signing up as new 1st time member, 
  we will waive your entry fee for the event.
Game time:

Round 1: 7:30 pm (Friday), Round 2: 12:00 noon (Saturday), Round 3: 3:15 pm (Saturday), Round 4: 9:30 am (Sunday)

Time Control:

All rounds are SD 75 minutes with 30 seconds increment. 4 rounds. Please bring your own clock if you have one. Option for round 5 if there are enough players.


Prize fund will be registration fees less rating fees. 1st place = $65% of prize fund, Best performance = 35% of prize fund..

If there are 7 or more players, we will use the formula: 1st place 50%, 2nd place 25% and best performance 25%.

Advance registration, click here

Alick Tsui
Memorial University Campus (Elizabeth Avenue) - University Cafeteria (south end)