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General Chess Links
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These links lead you to broader chess sites, with news, ratings, tournament information, and more.

Chess Federation of Canada (CFC)
National chess site with CFC ratings, tournament results, information, chess supplies, chess books.
Chess and Math Organization
National scholastic chess site, with Scholastic ratings, tournament results, chess supplies / books.
United States Chess Federation (USCF) National chess site for the United States. Contains ratings, tournament results, beginners section, information.
(World Chess Organization (FIDE) Site for the World Chess Organization. FIDE tournament results and ratings can be found here.

The Week in Chess

Very nice chess news site, with detailed tournament reports and results.
ChessTalk Canadian forum for chess talk (hence the name), information, news, and debates.

Other Canadian Chess Sites
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Self explanatory.

Alberta Chess Association

Chess in Alberta
British Columbia Chess Scene Chess in British Columbia

Saskatoon Chess Club

Chess in Saskatchewan

Manitoba Chess Page

Chess in Manitoba

New Brunswick Chess

Chess in New Brunswick

Nova Scotia Chess

Chess in Nova Scotia

Ontario Chess Association

Chess in Ontario

Quebec Chess Federation

Chess in Quebec

Canadian Correspondence Chess Association

Correspondence chess in Canada

*unable to find a chess site for Prince Edward Island

Chess Problems and Studies
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Solving chess problems (or puzzles) is a fun way to improve your chess game. Puzzles are divided into 'mating problems' and 'play and win' problems - which usually involve material gain. Solving puzzles will help you develop your tactical vision and allow you to recognize patterns in your games. Studies will increase your understand of the game, and they usually center around the endgame.

Chess Puzzles Small site with 12 puzzles each for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Also has an openings section.
BYCA Chess Puzzles Site with lots of oddly designed mating puzzles.
Chessbase Puzzles Lots of interesting and tough (and unusual) problems.
CHESSPRO Problems Site with alot of problems, mostly non-mating problems.
Puzzles taken from GM Games Site containing chess problems taken from positions in Grandmaster games.
Collection of Endgames A collection of endgame studies, with detailed analysis.

Online Chess
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Most of the better online chess servers require a software download and registration through email. Client-based online chess servers are of a higher quality than direct online play and usually offer a wide variety of game styles and offer unique events. Aside from the Free Internet Chess Server, the other client-based sites require the purchase of a membership after trial periods expire.


Yahoo! Chess Free online play, with free registration and no client download required. Easy to setup, can play from anywhere.
Free Internet Chess Server Free online play, with free registration and download of software required. Popular server for bughouse.


Large online chess server, membership requires $, download of software required.

World Chess Network

Large online chess server, featuring many titled players. Membership requires $, download of software required.

Internet Chess Club

Most popular online chess server, with over 1200 Grandmasters and International Masters. Membership requires $, download of software required.